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Monday, September 18, 2017

How Long does it take to Become a Good Guitarist?

When you're just  starting out  learning how to play the guitar it  can often be a little frustrating.
You know what I mean, you watch other guitarists playing flawlessly on a  youtube video or at a guitar store and you think to yourself, man, I wish I could play like that.  I wonder how long it took them to get that good.  Can I ever be that good?

Not everyone will be able to become  a master guitar player but anyone can learn to play the guitar. Even with just a few chords you can play a ton of  easy songs.

You only need to have a desire or passion to play, and a commitment to learning. Some will have a more natural ability and some may have to work at it a little harder.

It all depends on how committed one is to practicing. If you stick  to a daily or at least a three day per week guitar practice routine of half an hour or more, you could expect to see super results within 3 to 6 months.

Realistically  speaking though in my experience, the point where you start to really impress people and they start to turn their heads to check out what your playing, is usually around two years of regular routine practicing. A guitarists who has only been playing for  two years can play as well as  a guitarists who has been playing for 10 years if he or she practices enough.

Something that you shouldn't do  is  compare yourself with other guitarists. Someone will always seem better than you and you will lose your motivation to play if you keep comparing yourself to other guitar players.

Instead, concentrate on being the best you can be. Focus on the type of music that you really want to be good at.

Rarely will a guitarist be able to master all styles of playing. Most of the great guitarists only try to be great at their preferred style. Yes, you can learn and play many styles. A rock guitar player can mix blues into their playing. Blues guitarists can blend some jazz into their style. But usually there is one particular music genre that will be dominant for each player.

If you're  just beginning the guitar, this is a great time for you to develop your preferred style. Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock-Metal, Acoustic-folk.   Discover what your favorite style is and learn and even master it if that is your goal.

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